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Looking for Student/Graduate for app development

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Hi there! My name is Diane, and I’m a Swiss student doing my MA at the London College of Fashion. As part of my Master’s project on the capacity of fashion designers to enhance the individual’s well-being in the context of the transition to sustainability (I know, it’s long), I am looking for someone to help me develop a (simple) app. The app is a branded well-being platform where users have to complete different real-life missions aimed at enhancing their well-being. When the user completes a mission, he.she unlocks rewards in the form of garments, that he.she is then able to purchase in real life. Until now, humans used to pursue well-being through the acquisition of material goods, and the app aimed at encouraging people to do the opposite! I have an XD prototype ready, but it doesn’t enable people to save their journey, see their progress and unlock the rewards; and that is where I need your help! I would be happy with a very simple prototype, but the timing is quite tight: the prototype would need to be ready by the 15th December 2020 (negotiable). Please have a look at the prototype here: If the project is successful and that the users enjoy interacting with the app, this job might become a long-term opportunity, but this is not a requirement. This is a paid job, and I would be happy to discuss the payment with you (knowing that I am still a student, so I haven’t got an unlimited budget yet). Please feel free to e-mail me would you require any further information or if you are interested in the project. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Diane PS.: I speak English and French, and my German is not too too bad.

Inserent*in: Diane Wallinger