jumpthegap®, Roca international design competition

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jumpthegap®aims to be one of the major agents proposing solutions to the challenges included in the 2030 agenda, thanks to the participation of professionals from the architecture and design sectors in the competition. For this reason, the 2021 edition will not end with the awards ceremony but will continue during 2022 with panel discussions and analyses, as its ideas and solutions provide inspiration for some of the challenges facing our planet and our society. The bathroom, in the broadest sense, becomes the centralizing space for different human uses and needs, both physical and emotional, which define us and position us in the world. In this sense, we ask participants to design a product or service that: responds to any of the topics listed in the categories below, providing enough added value when compared with existing solutions relies on currently available materials and technologies is aligned with one or more Sustainable Development Goals included in the 2030 agenda The contest is open to professionals and students from the disciplines of architecture, design and any related field, of legal age from every country in the world, and has two participation options: Individual projects: formed by a single person. Group projects: formed by two people. Registration and submission period from 3 May to 3 June 2021 through the contest web

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