Archa Theatre

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Archa Theatre promotes artistic practices that examines social and political issues expressed in a specific theatrical language. Building on years of experience in social-specific theatre, Archa organises International Summer School on Theatre in Social Context since 2016, which has attracted participants from all around the world and gained world-wide recognition. The school promotes individual and collective discoveries in theatrical creation, and helps participants find their own voice in creative process. It is a platform for reflection on and communication of experience, knowledge, and ideas in the field of documentary and social-specific theatre. The education is based on principles of shared experience, respect for each individual’s unique creativity, and extreme listening. The program involves 3 ateliers where participants can gain practical skills for creating contemporary theatre: ’Viewpoints technique and textual sources of documentary theatre’, ‘light as a space for action’, and ‘sound design for stage’. Besides these ateliers, participants also have the chance to follow exclusive presentations of international experts. A very important part of the summer school is the forming of creative groups and producing a short performance in these groups, so that participants have a chance to use the skills they acquire in ateliers. During this creative process, the students can consult the instructors and use Archa Theatre’s advanced theatrical tools. This year the summer school will take place between 22 August – 5 September 2021. Applications must be completed until 4 July 2021.

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