Design-Competition // JOYN Serviced Living

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JOYN Serviced Living offers urban designed apartments for temporary living, comfortable services and a great community atmosphere for short and long stays in more and more European metropolises. The special combination of Serviced Living and individual apartment design creates space for fresh, creative ideas and awakens a new attitude to life for all those who like to be on the move. In spring this year, we opened JOYN Zurich in Opfikon / Glattpark, our newest and first location in Switzerland – designed and planned by the architects of Monoplan. Especially in Zurich, our guests can expect an extraordinary and above all artistic effect. This is created by a historic training and sports aircraft from the US manufacturer Luscombe Aircraft Corporation from the 1930s and 1940s, which has been impressively staged in the inner courtyard of the property. In order to optimally connect the aircraft with the space and set it in scene, we need you! Of course, we would also like to promote this highlight in-house. Our aim is to develop an equally special form of communication medium (in terms of visuals and haptics) within the framework of an exclusive design tender – ideally in collaboration with YOU! Express your inspiration and be free in your choice of materials and medium. You should combine the following points in your design: 1. History of the plane, 2. Art in the object, 3. Media added value – create an “instagrammable place”. If your idea is implemented, you can even expect prize money of CHF 2,500. The competition will be accompanied by regional media. The same applies to the process of creation and implementation, which will also be prominently communicated on JOYN’s social media channels. Are you interested in becoming part of JOYN Zurich with your creativity and your design? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further information about the house and technical information about the project. The link to the exclusive preview in JOYN Zurich as well as detailed contact data of the project managers can be found in the attachment for download. Closing date is 15 August 2021. We look forward to your idea! #JOYNin

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