Crowdfunding – group exhibition “Are we all here?”

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Are we all here? Exploring Embodied Virtuality Today is a co-curated and multi-formatted project featuring an onsite and online group exhibition, interventions, and events taking place in 16 Oct – 27 Nov 2021 at the non-profit independent art space, OnCurating Project Space. With the onset of on-going circumstances prescribed by the COVID-19 pandemic, society was confronted with (self)-isolation, the loss of physical contact, and an increased shift of social interactions into the digital space. The project will feature works by artists who use networks and technology as their main artistic media and represent the hyper-relevance of “digital” today and seek to understand modes of connectivity and the role of virtual space in overcoming the lack of physical space in the context of the global health pandemic. Among the invited artists, Eduardo Kac, Corpos Informaticos, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Be van Vark, Marc Lee, Alexandra Pfammatter, Katrin Niedermeier, Lauren Huret, Tammara Leites/Simon Senn, Olga Bushkova, Giorgia Piffaretti, Sandar Tun Tun will contribute to the collective understanding of what networked closeness means today. With this crowdfunding campaign, we intend to raise the sum which will fund the exhibition production on site in the OnCurating Project Space and will help us keep the independent nature of the project and promote cultural diversity and autonomy within the arts scene. The curatorial project was developed by Myriam Boutry, Sophie Brunner, Anastasia Chaguidouline, Gozde Filinta, Maria Elena Garzoni, Sofia Gkinko, Arianna Guidi, Abongile Gwele, Daniela Hediger, Tetiana Kartasheva, Anna Konstantinova, Rafia Koudmani, Leilani Lynch, Veronica Mari, Eveline Mathis, Maria Mumtaz, Sarah Oberrauch, Lenita Rivera, Domenico Ermanno Roberti, Monika Sapielak, Lilya Selezneva, Barbara Schneider, Ana Vujic and the OnCurating Project Space, headed by Dorothee Richter and Ronald Kolb.

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