Rehearsal Room at Altstetten train station, Oct 1

By September 2021September 24th, 2021No Comments

From October 1 we are looking for a new subtenant for the rehearsal room in the basement of the GGA-West Tower near Altstetten train station. It is an air raid shelter that is being used for rehearsing. The goal is to share the room among three pople and we organise ourselves via a calendar app. The room is not intended as a band room, but more for practicing or for jams for two or max three people. The facilities are quite frugal, but the location so close to the train station is ideal. You can also expect a high availability. Most evenings are available and you can play at any time. The monthly rent per person is CHF 140.-. Right now, me, a drummer, and Travis, a guitarist, are practicing in the room, separately. The last third of the space is available to you and your equipment. Get in touch with me if you want to visit the room.

Inserent*in: Claude