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WG-Zimmer in Zürich gesucht

By Januar 2022No Comments

I’m currently a French graphic designer student and I’ve found an internship in a graphic design studio in Zürich between 1st march to 1st June. I’m searching for a room to rent during this period. My budget is 800CH maximum.

About myself : I’m a calm, organizing and caring person passionate about graphic design, addicted to coffee and 22 years. I really enjoy cooking (I’m a food lover (you can take a look on my instragram-food-lover account @cocofoodaddict and you should know that I particularly enjoy cooking for others!), playing games, chilling with people but also have moments for me.

Since childhood, I’ve travelled a lot in the world and I have lived in the 4 corners of France. Zürich is my next living destination. I really want to discover this place with friendly people, and it’s important for me and my roommates to feel good at home.

Hope you will enjoy my words and feel free to contact me at !
Vielen Dank!