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Unity Designer for WebGL NFT Game

By Februar 2022No Comments

We are currently looking for an Unreal Engine or Unity designer, alternatively.
You should have a passion for shaders and lighting in scenes. We are looking to build exceptional materials and impressive lightning in our experience.

The Unreal Engine / Unity experience we will create together will feature interactivity (that is people should be able to move around in the experience/world with key and mouse inputs, as well as move along the X, Y and Z axes). The world needs basic physics (i. e. downward force (g-force), and constraints along the edges of the experiences).

Our project features two stages:
1. First we have a prototyping stage, where we first brief you on our vision and visual goals. You will then go on an design a working prototype for us in several iterative steps.

2. Secondly, as soon as we settled on a prototype you will then go on and modularly design multiple variations of the individual parts of the prototype which we will then randomly / programmatically assemble in a third step (for this we have a script).