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VJ (Visual Jockey)

By April 2022Mai 5th, 2022No Comments

Our VJ-Team Reckless Collective is looking for new VJs to help us manage all the incoming gigs (
It’s a part-time job, paid on an hourly basis and comes with a lot of freedom. You can accept or decline incoming bookings as it fits your schedule (as long as you keep a routine).

Don’t know what a VJ does? That’s the guy at the party with a laptop that sends pixels to LED walls and projectors at concerts and clubs to be displayed behind DJs or other artist. Flashy visuals, glitchy images, pew pew, …you name it!

You don’t need to be experienced in the craft of VJing, but there are some skills that help getting into it easier and faster:
– Are you a tech-savvy person?
– Do you have a feel for audio-visual arts? -> feel for time, movement, rhythm, colour palettes, shapes and visual storytelling
– Are you skilled in 2D and/or 3D content production? ->graphic design, animation, drawing, painting, architecture, etc
– Do you live nearby Zurich? ->most gigs are in the city of Zurich and our working hours go till late into the night

We can offer you:
– hands-on training at our office in Altstetten and assistance during the first couple of gigs in a learning friendly environment.
– Access to our content library to start VJing right away
– Hardware and Software to use for the gigs
– A gateway to reach the masses with your own content
– A constructive surrounding to help you develop your own art style, as well as a place to work on your own content whenever possible

Interested? Want to know more? Drop me a DM (rogerrockit#9322) and we can have a chat! Furthermore, it would be awesome if you could spread the word