Archa Theatre

There has been an increased focus on social and political issues in theatrical creation. Archa Theatre promotes artistic practices that have the courage to examine topical issues expressed in a specific theatrical language. The International Summer School is a platform for experimentation and investigation in the field of contemporary theatre. The program promises students to get acquainted with theatre in social context with the help of Archa Theatre’s artistic vision and theatrical tools.

Working language of the school is English.

The Archa Theatre’s summer school promotes individual and collective discoveries in theatrical creation, and helps participants find their own voice in their creative processes. The summer school is a platform for reflection on and communication of experience, knowledge and ideas in the field of documentary and social-specific theatre. We strive to achieve new ways of thinking by creating open formats of interaction between participants.

In the first part of the school, students will have the chance to participate in one of the ateliers focusing on the Viewpoints/text/light, sound design, and video. After this period, participants will form independent creative groups. These groups will work on a short performance that they will present at the Archa Theatre by using the theatrical skills they acquired from the ateliers they attended. During this creative process, the instructors of the ateliers will be available for artistic consultation. Besides this main program, all participants will be able to attend the presentations given by the international experts, the complementary atelier, the roundtable. After the summer school, participants will have access to an e-book which will serve as a supportive material based on creation of social-specific theatre.