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Dear fellow artists,

The Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara, Romania ( ), is happy to invite you to participate in FICTIONART, an international art event that will bring together works of concept art and illustration, art related to the creative industries and representative for the development of games and cinema productions. This event is dedicated to al professionals, amatures and enthusiasts of drawing, digital art, works of fantesy, sci-fi and is a place to showcase your most impressive works.
The FICTIONART event will culminate with an exhibition that will take place at the Faculty of Arts and Design Gallery in 15 november 2022 and will showcase a selection of the best images sent by artists around the world. The total of the works received will be later published in the events catalog and sent to each participant.
Attached to this email is the invitation to this event. The rules of participation and the entry form, that will be completed by every participant, you can find them on our facebook page: . We hope that you will find an interest in this event and participate in it and, if you have the possibility, make this invitation available to other fellow artists.
For any information regarding this event please contact us at or visit us at
We are looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards,
Lecturer PhD Sergiu Zegrean
Faculty of Arts and Design
West University of Timișoara

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