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Artistic-Pedagogical Manager (M/F/X)

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As artistic-pedagogical manager, you are responsible for developing a contemporary, up-to-date curriculum in order to provide a successful pedagogical and artistic educational trajectory for IOA students. The quality of the IOA’s further academic and professional status – as a Specialised programme for Higher Arts Education – is your main priority.
You place a high value on cooperation with the professional world of arts.
Together with the IOA business manager, you share the final responsibility for the IOA’s daily operations.
You cooperate closely with the IOA Head of Music, the IOA’s young and dynamic staff, and an international team of teachers and students.
You are the face and voice of the IOA. As an excellent networker, you maintain your contacts with external partners and sponsors, and further expand this network. In all your tasks and actions, you convey the IOA core values and vision.
You are an integral part of a welcoming organisation, with mutual appreciation and a supportive working environment taking a central place. You are passionate about working with students.
Overall, you and the business manager are responsible for policy-making and putting the IOA goals into practice,
always in conversation with societal tendencies and government regulations. During the first mandate,
you work within the framework of the approved Management Contract between the IOA and the Flemish Government.
As artistic-pedagogical manager, you are accountable to the IOA governing body, with whom you develop
a candid and loyal relationship.

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