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Are you interested in Digital Art? Non-Fungible Tokens? Pioneers of Digital Art? If so, I am delighted to invite you to our new exhibition “Liebe Maschine, male mir”; an NFT group exhibition that will be exhibited at residency at the Zurich Airport (The Circle 18) that features new artworks by computer pioneer Frieder Nake, Hein Gravenhorst, Herbert W. Franke, Manfred P. Kage, Alexander Mordvintsev, Ganbrood, Espen Kluge, conceived by the co-curators Georg Bak and Kate Vass – that traces a broad spectrum of algorithmic art. NFT Gallery | Zurich Airport, the Circle 18

The NFT Gallery is a place where people want to go, meet up and spend time to immerse themselves into digital art experiences. Whether it is a place for the NFT and art community to connect, or for art lovers and visitors of the Circle at Zurich Airport to explore the elements of NFTs and digital art.
Spanning over 380 square meters, the NFT gallery is situated at the Circle 18; a two-minute walk from Switzerland’s largest international airport renowned for its quality of stay and for high-end shopping and dining experiences. Our immersive space will not just reflect the zeitgeist, but will also foster an understanding of our historical past with historical NFTs and from the perspective of present circumstances, with a view toward the future. We have planned a diverse programme; through networking events, talks, and exhibitions, evolving around the topic of digital art and showcasing a range between historical NFTs and releases – as well as live mints.

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Partners of the NFT Gallery include:
Flughafen Zürich AG | aroma | Kate Vass Galerie | SNOWCASH | Screenpro