Second Round Table Talk with YoungVisions

By Januar 2023No Comments

Hi you!
Are you an emerging artist and would like to connect with other fellow artists? Or are you a gallery or an off space looking for your next artist?
Well, this may be just for you! We, YoungVisions, worked on this fresh concept with – the RTT!
With our second RoundTableTalk hosted by Noè and Doelma, we want to offer you a safe space where we can freely discuss and share art-related topics. Here you’ll have the chance to get to know other fellows, network and exchange experiences.
If this resonates with you, take a look at our flyer or check out the event on our website ! Here you’ll find further information on how to sign up and contact us if you have any questions! To sign up to this event visit or jsut send us an email at, seats are limited!
We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!
Best, Noè & Doelma from Young Visions