What is VERSO?

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VERSO is the student organisation of Zurich University of the Arts. We represent the rights and interests of all ZHdK students in various areas of university administration and politics.

As a student organisation, we aim to create the best possible environment for your studies. Our goal is to provide a high-quality and contemporary education in the arts. We are committed to equal opportunities for all students. For instance, it is important to us that students should be able to consolidate their studies with their work and family life. VERSO supervises the creation of all legal documents relevant to students. VERSO also develops and supports various projects and events and is committed to a lively student culture. Furthermore, VERSO supports students in protecting and upholding their rights within the university.

Each department has its own Student Assembly. Each assembly contributes a student voice to the various committees and commissions of the departments and study programmes.

In order to have a strong voice across departments, the VERSO Student Council is composed of two representatives from each department. The ten-member Student Council elects the Presidium from its own ranks and, if necessary, also allocates other responsibilities and positions. The members of the Student Council maintain contact with relevant committees, both internal and external to ZHdK.

VERSO Student Council at Student Council 78 in May 2021.