Collection Point for Ukraine

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Dear ZHdK members

VERSO and ZHdK want to help where we can in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with Ukrainians, especially students, in these horrific times.

On Thursday, March 10, 2022, a collection center for relief supplies will be set up in Toni-Areal. The goal is to bring urgently needed material from donations directly to the Ukrainian border. The material can be delivered there on weekdays from 12:00 - 16:00. The collection point is located in the former Vaccination and Testing Center, the Work&Relax room on level 08 (8.T02). It is expected to remain open until the end of March.

This offer is organized in by Friends of Ukraine's a new project offering telemedical support in Ukraine and collection points in Geneva, Warsaw and Zurich - to which VERSO and ZHdK contribute a collection point.


The donated material is temporarily stored at the various collection points in Zurich (e.g. UZH, ETH, ZHdK, and others), and then centrally at Hardbrücke, and from there transported to the Polish-Ukrainian border. In order for the movement of goods to proceed smoothly, the material must be inventoried and labeled. At the border with Ukraine, the material is handed over to the Ukrainian military. The military distributes the relief supplies to the areas where they are most urgently needed.
The collected relief supplies will be used exclusively in Ukraine itself. It will not be used to support refugees outside of Ukraine.
The project does not cooperate with the Ukrainian Embassy in Bern. There is independent contact with Ukraine and the Ukrainian government.

It is managed by Testasy - a startup, which is active in the medical field. The aid project can only function with a lot of volunteer work and we are grateful to all those who invest their time and money in this aid.

For the latest info on Friends of Ukraine's collection points and relief efforts, feel free to check them out on social media and the website.

Website Friends of Ukraine / Instagram / Twitter / Telegramkanal mit Updates


If you would like to donate, stop by during opening hours and drop off your donation(s). Friends of Ukraine'spublishes a daily list of currently needed goods. List of currently needed goods. Materials should be dropped off in sturdy bags, not cardboard boxes. This allows for transportation to the central warehouse at Zentralwäscherei. Currently, medicines and food are not needed. For the former, Friends of Ukraine's works directly with the station pharmacies, and for the latter, it relies on purchases and donations from Poland and the surrounding area.


If you want to support the project as a volunteer - and they are very grateful for that - you can register at the following link: You will then help to ensure that the collection points are operated and that the material can be reliably transported.

Register here as a helper


It is difficult to assess what kind of help is most effective and meaningful. Various media outlets have already taken up this issue, such as the SRF or the Berner Zeitung .

Friends for Ukraine are in direct contact with the Ukrainian government and have with the telemedical service another important offer, which they make available to the Ukrainian population. Together with them, many people are involved in the aid projects, which has enabled them to build up their own functioning logistics. We are confident that the donated material will arrive safely and can be put to good use.

Always remember: Every help is valuable and help only as much as you can.


The UZH Slavic Seminar has already set up a great information page on the situation in Ukraine and the various offers of help. Feel free to visit it.

Go to the info page of the slavic seminar


ZHdK offers financial and psychological support for Ukrainian and Russian students. All other ZHdK students can also contact the student counseling service, the psychological service of ZHAW or us at any time - we may not be professionals, but we are always happy to offer open ears and help you as best we can.

Make a contribution where it feels right for you. Get information when and where you can bear it. The situation is not an easy one and you don't have to be up to date all the time. It's absolutely okay to say you don't want to talk or think about the situation at this moment. Be kind and considerate to each other. Together we can help each other and stand up for what is important to us.

Take care of yourselves and solidarity greetings,