Unpublished Photo is a competition that aims to target and attract new, young, and emerging contemporary photographers, aged between 18 and 30. The aim is to promote and enhance new trends in photography without imposing any specific themes or limitations and to support creativity in all the senses and whilst embracing a wide range of photographic technical possibilities.

The UP24 competition will award the first runner-up a monetary prize of CHF 3’500; while second to fourth place receive CHF 500 each.
The four winners will be also awarded the publication of a catalogue published by the FCM containing all the photographs submitted to the competition, and an exhibition in Lugano, in the MUSEC venue. The costs of these valorisation activities amount to CHF 50,000 and are fully covered by the FCM.

How to participate
All photographers born between 1994 and 2006 can participate.
Applicants have to submit until April 15th 2024 (12:00 am local time) their photographic projects, consisting of 10 images; the theme is free, but projects must be stylistically and technically coherent. Applicants must compulsorily accompany their projects with a description and a biography narrating their relationship with photography. An online application form is available at the following link: