Newsletter April 2024

Dear Students and University Members,

With spring on our doorstep and a semester full of opportunities ahead of us, it’s time for an update from VERSO. And since it’s been a while since our last one, there’s a lot of exciting information for those interested. As nature slowly awakens, we are already full of enthusiasm and look forward to welcoming you with news, plans, and some exciting ventures. With a mix of proven forces and new faces in the team, we are ready to kick this year off properly.

Current Affairs

In collaboration with the International Office, we are working on an innovative buddy program that promotes knowledge exchange between international and Swiss students. Together with the University Assembly (HSV), we are developing a university application for a Room of Silence that will offer students a place to retreat on campus. Furthermore, we are planning an annual collection to support people in precarious situations and set a humanitarian sign on behalf of VERSO. Currently, informational material for all contact points and support services is being designed and will soon be printed. We are working on developing new event formats that can function sustainably at our university and are therefore also asking ourselves what kind of events we could organise that students would like to take part in. Currently in consideration is the idea of an art market, where artists can advertise their projects, post job vacancies, etc. Furthermore, we are working on our strategy and on strengthening the networking of departments to promote a diverse community.

VERSO general assembly - Your platfrom, your voice

The general assembly in November was an event with a musical intro and a bar at the end that offered freshly prepared tacos. The main topic of the general assembly was to work on our own internal strategy. To this end, we collected keywords and ideas in groups to the question “What do you want from your student organization?” As a result, many interesting inputs have emerged in different directions. In the next step, we’ll try to discuss these and bring them closer to reality.

We warmly invite you to actively participate next time and to shape the future of VERSO with us. Your voice is crucial for the direction we take. Feel free to approach your student representatives and talk to them about your opinions and ideas. Here is a short list of the respective E-Mail addresses of the departments you can contact:






Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the next general assembly on May 14th, 2024. We will ensure that you receive all the information in time via our communication channels.

VERSO on Instagram - Expanding our horizons

Our Instagram account @verso_zhdk will be your window into the world of VERSO and beyond. We are in the process of strengthening our presence and regularly supplying you with inspiring content, important updates, and a behind-the-scenes look. We want to explore and celebrate the diversity of our creative ecosystem together with you.

VERSO as a contact point - We are here for you!

As your student organization, we want to ensure that you can always reach out to us – with any concern, any question, or just to chat. Our goal is to be a bridge between you and the resources or support you need. We are here to assist, to refer, and to represent your concerns at the university – with an open ear and a helping hand. So, how do you get in touch with us? We are currently considering how we can create alternative ways for you to reach us directly and easily. Currently, you can reach us through the following means:

  • A DM on our Instagram @verso_zhdk
  • A letter in the VERSO mailbox in the entrance hall of Toni
  • You can always stop by the VERSO office 5.B10 to see if there’s someone who can help
  • Or, the old-fashioned way, via email, either generally at or specifically to your department at

Locally engaged, nationally connected

Not only are we active in Gessnerallee or at Toni, but VERSO is also engaged on a cantonal and national level to exchange ideas with other student organizations. Our goal: To initiate new projects and advocate for the interests of ZHdK students. Thanks to our cooperation with the VSS (Swiss Student Union), we are part of a larger network that advocates for student concerns. Here are examples of current projects being worked on at this level:

  • An open letter on dealing with geopolitical conflicts at Swiss universities
  • Participation in the referendum “No to the Attack on Tenancy Law”
  • Support for refugee sponsorship projects
  • Symbolic engagement of Switzerland with Erasmus+ (thus the demand to fully reintroduce Erasmus+)

For more information on the tasks and projects of the VSS, please visit On the cantonal level, we have taken a stand with the other student associations of the Canton of Zurich on the proposed changes to the education law regarding educational contributions (scholarships). Together, we are louder, stronger, and can achieve more. So, if you have more ideas or concerns that go beyond ZHdK, let us know!


We’ve had a great variety of diverse events in recent times. These included a fantastic Toni-Beats party, BARBARABARs with an expanded food offer and mulled wine in December, Diversity Week events, and DEP events such as the Halloween party by VERSO DMU, the monthly Get-together Apéro by VERSO DKV, and many more. If you’re thinking you’ve missed all of them, don’t be disheartened. We continuously inform you about new events on our communication channels, so you won’t miss out. The next BARBARABARs, for example, are scheduled for March 13, April 10, and May 8.

To conclude

We hope that this newsletter serves not only as a source of information but also as inspiration for all of you to actively participate and shape our collective life as students at ZHdK.

Over and out.