VERSO's activities are divided into university and department level activities. The departments each have their own Student Assemblies, which act as independent sub-organisations of VERSO. All students can actively participate in their department's Student Assembly. Each Student Assembly elects two delegates that will represent them in the ten-member Student Council. The Student Council is responsible for coordinating activities for the whole university.

Student Council

VERSO's ten-member Student Council is made up of two delegates from each department. The Student Council holds periodical meetings where information from the various bodies and committees is exchanged, positions and procedures for student participation are discussed, and projects are planned. Within VERSO, the Student Council takes on the role of a management board. The Student Council is coordinated by a co-presidium, currently David Bircher from the DDK and Soraya Thashima Rutschmann from the DFAremien ausgetauscht, Positionen und Vorgehen der studentischen Mitwirkung besprochen und Projekte geplant werden. Innerhalb von VERSO nimmt der Studierendenrat die Rolle einer Geschäftsleitung ein. Der Studierendenrat wird durch ein Co-Präsidium koordiniert, dies sind momentan Laura Gubler und Jonas Bernetta aus dem DKV.

Student Council

Jonas Bernetta – Co-President
DKV, Master Transdisziplinarity
Mandates: Financial representation, Swiss politics
Committees: University Assembly

Laura D. GublerCo-President
DKV, Master Art Education, Art Pedagogics
Mandates: Swiss politics
Committees: Mensa-Council, Chair University Assembly, Quality Commission

Lisa BachPortfolio Internal Development (NAWU)
DDE, Bachelor Game Design
Committees: University Assembly

Timo Andenmatten – Portfolio Media & Communication: Communication & Marketing (KOMA)
DDK, Bachelor Contemporary Dance

Maja AltermannPortfolio Media & Communication: Social Media (SOME)
DFA, Bachelor Fine Arts
Mandates Diversity (With a seat in the equity commission by Shuwani Okere)

Louise Mayer-JacquelinPortfolio Higher Education Policy
DDK, Bachelor Theatre, Directing
Mandates: International Affairs
Committees: University Assembly, International Affairs Committee, Ethics Committee, Digital Teaching Committee


Kilian Schoenenberger – Portfolio University Politics
DFA, Bachelor Fine Arts
Co-Chairperson VERSO Semestercouncil
Committees: University Assembly, Committee Learning & Teaching

Catalina Paredes Castillo – Ressort Veranstaltungen (VERA)
DMU, Master Kontrabass
Catalina Paredes CastilloPortfolio Events (VERA) DMU, Bachelor Double Bass
Committees: Student Housing Cooperative (WOKO), Study Program Commission

Marcel Gamma – no Portfolio yet
DDE, Bachelor Game Design
Mandates: Sustainability
Committees: Committee for Sustainability

Legal Basis

The student organisation VERSO is governed by the Rules of Procedure. These lay down the structures and procedures of VERSO. The rules of procedure are based on the Universities of Applied Sciences Act and the General Regulations of Zurich University of the Arts, which call for a student organisation to represent all students. The Rules of procedure govern the structure, tasks, rights, and duties of VERSO and thus further apply to all sub-organisations such as the departments' Student Assemblies.

Semester Council

The Semester Council deals with topics that are fundamental to the entire university. For instance, position papers are drafted and accordingly passed on by the Semester Council. The Semester Council consists of six delegates, one from each of the Student Assemblies. It is chaired by two members and has been meeting twice a semester since HS17.

Association of Students ZHdK

The student organisation VERSO is funded by an association, the "Association of Students ZHdK (VSZHdK)". This association is responsible for the administration and financing of VERSO. The association was set up so VERSO could collect membership fees and manage its resources independently. It is legally independent and therefore not subject to the authority of ZHdK.

VSZHdK is regulated by the Articles of Association. The articles define the structures and tasks of VSZHdK.


To become a member of VSZHdK, students must pay a membership fee of 32 CHF per semester. The fee contributes to the running of VERSO and can be paid along with the semester fees. If a member wishes to leave the association, they can do so on July 1st or December 1st. Students who are not members of VSZHdK are of course also represented by VERSO.

General Meeting:

Once a year the members of VSZHdK meet for the General Meeting. At the meeting, the annual financial statement, the budget, and the annual report are approved, and if necessary, the membership fees are adjusted. A complete list of all functions of the General Meeting can be found in the statutes. All present VSZHdK members have one vote.


revision of the articles of association 2020

On 1.8.2020, VERSO's Articles of Association were revised and new Rules of Procedure were set. The revision was mainly due to a lack of clarity in the separation between the association and the student organisation. The association, legally independent from ZHdK, primarily serves as a vehicle that takes care of the funding and administration of the student organisation. Certain bodies and procedures of the student organisation, which were previously regulated by the Articles of Association, are now regulated by the Rules of Procedure. While the student organisation will continue to operate under the name VERSO, the association has been renamed „Association of Students ZHdK" to further emphasise the distinction between the two.

Unter anderem wurden die Austrittsformalitäten einfacher und transparenter gestaltet, einige Organe umbenannt (z.B. die Semesterversammlung heisst jetzt Semesterrat), das Quorum für die Mitgliederversammlung (ehemals Vollversammlung) herabgesetzt sowie eine neue Regelung eigeführt, dass das Vereinsvermögen bei einer allfälligen Vereinsauflösung im Rahmen der Fondation ZHdK finanziell benachteiligten Studierenden zugutekommt.