Our Mission


As the ZHdK’s Student Organisation, we want to achieve the best possible conditions for your studies. Our goal is a high-quality and contemporary education in the arts. Among other things, we advocate equal opportunities for all students and fight for a compatibility of studies and employment / family. In addition, VERSO accompanies the preparation of all legal bases relevant to students, such as study regulations and rules. VERSO sees itself as a service for students, develops and supports projects in their interest and advocates for a lively student culture. In case of emergency, we support students in claiming their rights regarding the university.



Our position papers detail our stance on important issues and concrete demands. Some position papers are drafted by the semester council and then shared to be reviewed and agreed upon by the larger student body. Position papers are disclosed to the public and thus contribute to transparent communication.


Seats in Comittees and Dossiers

A central part of our activity is our participation in the university's bodies and committees.

University Assembly (HSV)

The University Assembly (HSV) is the gathering of all of ZHdK's participatory bodies. It is a 30-member body that meets four times a year. It consists of 15 seats for the Senate (representation of faculty members and other teaching staff), four seats for the council of mid-tier staff, four seats for the Staff Council, and seven seats for the student organisation (VERSO).

VERSO has seven voting seats in the University Assembly (HSV) and one seat in 7 Sitze and HSV board.

Learning and Teaching Dossier

The teaching dossier is under the responsibility of a member of the university board. Currently, this position is held by Hansuli Matter, the Head of the Department of Design (DDE). As its name suggests, the Learning and Teaching Dossier (DKL) deals with teaching formats and content within ZHdK.

International Dossier

The International Dossier is dedicated to various projects and issues concerning internationalisation and international cooperation. These include questions about the language policy of ZHdK, offers for refugees, and the general orientation of ZHdK with regard to internationalisation. The International Office is also affiliated to the International Dossier, as are the various exchange projects such as Shared Campus or Transcultural Collaboration. The International Dossier regularly awards scholarships for research projects with a focus on internationality and also supports student projects with the AVINA fund.

Quality Developement Committee

The Quality Development Committee is under the direction of the Head of Accreditation and Quality Development, Michèle Graf Morgenthaler. The committee is mainly concerned with issues of teaching evaluation, quality review, and quality assurance. It also conducts surveys and evaluations within the university.

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

The Equal Opportunities Committee deals with strategic and operational issues in the area of equal opportunities and diversity. It is composed of one representative from each representative body: the staff, lecturers, mid-tier staff, and the students.

Subcommittee Teaching & Learning

The subcommittee Teaching & Learning deals in-depth with questions of teaching and learning.

Dossier Nachhaltigkeit

The Sustainability dossier deals with cultural, ecological, social and economic transformations for sustainable development from the perspective of the arts, design and education.


Der Mensarat analysiert die Gastronomie im Toni Areal und erarbeitet das Grobkonzept des Anforderungskatalog für die Neuausschreibung der Gastronomiedienstleistungen.


Putschblatt is VERSO's newsletter. It appears twice a semester and informs about current affairs and upcoming events.